Availability of Halls and Meeting Room at The Centre, Bury St Edmunds

The calendar below shows the current bookings for each hall/room. It is fairly accurate for up to around three months ahead. To be sure, please do get in touch with us.

We now operate a waiting list, so if the slot you're looking for isn't currently available do still get in touch and we can note your enquiry. Things can change suddenly!

Many regular bookings are term time only so there is more availability out of term and school holidays.

At April 2018 we are fully booked on some days / times. For example, we are currently fully booked every Sunday until 3pm, and Saturdays until 3pm during term time.

If you are looking for a regular (weekly, fortnightly) slot, we currently have the following available....

Mondays -  afternoons from 12.30pm in the Hengrave Room and evenings in the Hengrave Room. Afternoons in the West Hall (quiet activity only).  Evenings in the West Hall from 16th April (quiet activity only)

Tuesdays - afternoons in the Hengrave Room fortnightly.

Wednesdays - late afternoon in the West Hall (between 2.30pm and 5pm) with one or two exceptions (relatively quiet activity only). Mornings in the Hengrave Room and some early afternoons till 2.45pm (quiet activity only)

Thursdays - Hengrave Room in the evening and the West Hall in the evening from 26th July onwards. From Sept onwards we have the West Hall available all day (for all these, relatively quiet activity only) 

Fridays - East Hall all day up till 6pm (with one or two exceptions before July 2018), Hengrave Room and West Hall in the evenings (West Hall very quiet activity only)

Saturdays - All three areas after 4pm. Can be noisy activity.

Sundays - All three areas after 3pm. Can be noise activity.

We often have space not noted above for one offs, and for hires that aren't every week, so do get in touch to check if it's not obvious from the calendar below. Please note the calendar heading is incorrect - it says 'East Hall website calendar'. The calendar shows all three spaces!

The East Hall is yellow.  The West Hall is pink.  The Hengrave Room is green.